Another WordPress Blooper…

blue-xlOK, time for another rant but shorter this time. WordPress, will you please begin listening to your users? Remember us? We who pay your bills with our purchases for upgrades? While creating a new page for my site today, I added several links into the page. Upon inserting those links I noticed that the interface had changed.

WordPress, that new interface is in no way an improvement!

Placing a link into a page and presumably a post now takes an extra step or two. And the reason for this is what, WordPress? I still believe that WordPress is the best platform on the web for blogging and business uses. But seriously, making small, useless alterations to the user Admin area like this is ridiculous, and perhaps a bit rude – where any of your millions of users consulted on the need for for this?

Apparently this is simply to give employees something to do…

What about the fact that the user Admin area seems forever stuck between the old (and very user friendly) interface, and the incredibly ridiculous “new” interface with the gray/blue color? Or whatever the color. Oh, that’s right! I already contacted WordPress on this! They basically told me too bad, sucker. It’s here to stay. if there were a better option than WordPress, I would likely leave. But Matt doesn’t listen

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