Bad Credit, Good Credit?

zeroWatching TV tonight, being bombarded with the usual commercials for drugs for everything from scaled skin repair to getting and keeping a boner, I became really annoyed with the advertisements for new car purchases which cost as low as one hundred twenty five dollars per month. Really? And financed for the next fifteen years too.

Well, you won’t get much of a car for that price, but regardless, even this offer requires a buyer to have no less than stellar credit. Consider that you are also sized up for a potential job according to your credit score in this country. Great. So then, if you have bad credit like me, you are potentially denied the job which will possibly help you rebuild your credit score. Does this sound like a rigged poker game to you too?

American society seems purposefully constructed to beat down, and keep down, the average Joe and Jane. An old Steely Dan song says they got it made for the winners in the world. That isn’t to say that you and I are not winners. I am referring to the people who operate in the shadows and pull the strings that matter. Those truly in charge. Yet we are forced to pay taxes to a government that uses our money for evil deeds.

My credit score does not define me as a human being. My value as a human being is with God. Your true value is not in how much money you have or your credit score. Some have said for many years that television is just one of many tools used by the devil. Is it true? Are we all brainwashed?

Perhaps I am just getting old and cranky. A service guy at the house the other day thought I was ten years older than I am. Thanks. But change and I don’t flow well together these days. And good luck collecting that debt when I’m six foot under. No, no death wish here. Just a rant from an old grouch…

Update – I should have done my homework on employers checking your credit score. This does happen but it’s not the same as the credit score you normally think of. Apologies. Please click this link.

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  1. I don’t own a TV set and I block internet ads because one day I got fed up with a recurring ad offering a penis prolongation. They could have at least taken into account that I’m a girl, since I’m sure they have access to this information. I’m quite appalled at what you describe.

    1. I did make a correction on the Credit thing. Apologized to a couple friends here this morning for not doing my homework on that issue first. Won’t happen again. So your TV is all via your laptop or PC? I have considered trying that but don’t know how to do it actually. The penis enlargement thing is kind of like the drug company adverts here. It’s legal in the States and those companies spend millions on the ads. Sickening. As far as I am aware, New Zealand and the US are the only countries that allow drug ads on TV. i am sick to death of the erectile dysfunction commercials.

      1. I think Rebecca wrote some time ago about drug adverts in North America and I was surprised at it – but I didn’t realise that you get even things such as penis enlargement or potency enhancement in TV ads.

        I never watch TV proper – I only watch films or TV series, so I don’t need a TV set. I do my watching on my laptop. I don’t care so much about large screens, so my standard laptop screen suffices. I don’t have the laptop really connected to any TV service, I just watch what’s online, local equivalents of Netflix, we could say.

        1. I think watching programming on the laptop means going through my cable company here. if that’s the case why not just use the TV. At some point I believe Streaming will surpass the old ways.

  2. Wow, that’ not good. I forgot which country but if they can’t get your money one way then another is made law to get in your pockets. Corrupt.

  3. I hear you! I’m so fed up with all those ads. They have a stupid one on the radio here: “Good credit, bad credit, NO credit?!” Supposedly you still can buy that used car.

    It’s unsettling to learn that employers check job applicants’ credit! That’s indeed a violation of privacy. Creepy …

    1. Look it up. And I agree it’s a violation. Hey why not, our government snoops us all in the name of safety. Sometimes I want to leave this country. Supposedly, if you have a poor credit score, it reflects directly on you as a person of poor character and judgement. Uneffing belivable. i can’t spell tonight.

          1. I wouldn’t say that you were completely wrong! They can still check up on you and get details that could affect your chance of getting a job. I suppose the only good thing is that you must give them written permission to do it. It still sounds like an invasion of privacy to me.

            1. If you apply online which seems the way it’s done today and that sucks, you may have to tick a box authorizing this activity. In my world, applying for jobs would never, ever be allowed. It’s cheesy and can never replace the way body language and real human interfacing can.

      1. Yeah! Not too much, though. I never paid for any special channels, just that devious idiotic fee we have to pay here just for having a tv – or anything else that makes it possible to watch. They even tried to force everyone who ones a computer to pay this fee, but they had to back on that. Not every computer has a teve-card and can watch programs in real-time. And I can only guess how many politicians, and high-up business people who sneaks away from this fee!

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