MTV Died Long Ago

Warning – pompous ass opinion straight ahead. Not that anyone cares eh?

I did something extremely rare for me today, I searched out the MTV channel on my cable system and watched a set by some odd band I never heard of. This got me thinking about the evolution of MTV which is apparently now thirty four years old.

It’s dating my self to say that I remember watching MTV in the summer of 1981 with my best buddies in the living room, whilst smoking doobies and drinking mass quantities of beer.

It was all great fun really. While I may have an occasional can-o-suds these days, I haven’t smoked herb in at least a decade. No thanks. That said, I have very fond memories of the great videos and bands we were able to see.

Viewing the videos at your friends homes and occasionally going to concerts in downtown Detroit to see the bands live. Great stuff. I have some lost weekend stories I could tell you but…. Let’s not and say we didn’t.

The eighties rocked. The eighties kicked ass. I loved the eighties! Best days of this old man’s life really in terms of good times and dating. I have read several online articles, many opinions on what MTV was and what the network should do in it’s next evolution. For my generation, MTV was all about music video as the name and logo suggests.

The nineties brought forth reality TV and other programming. A new generation was seeing a very different MTV than my buddies and I watched on that great new thing called Cable TV.

That shiny silver cable hanging from pole to pole all around the neighborhood was a beautiful thing.

Then came the 2000’s and an MTV that looked nothing like it was originally created as. Time changes many things. Societies change. People’s musical tastes change.

The older we get, the less inclined we are to roll with the punches. I don’t like change. Change is inevitable though. But I still dislike change!

Why are the programming gods at MTV not willing to rename MTV to something more suitable, such as Bullshit TV? Or Moron TV? I hate MTV these days.

The programming contains very little in terms of music which has been replace with more bullshit Reality TV programming and nasty programs about what I see as glorifying the drug culture which is alive and well in good old 2016 though different than the 1960’s and seventies versions. And seems to promote sexual promiscuity at any point. Seriously? In this age of STD’s?

MTV, clean up your act. While it’s apparently not financially sustainable to to run videos 24/7 in this day and age, at least the nasty reality programs and the pushing of gross sexual acts and other crap could be removed. Perhaps even pop in an occasional, actual, real music video to honor their own roots. If you have no past, you have no future.

Yo MTV, you suck!

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  1. Well, I don’t know of MTV in my region, but I still enjoyed this post. I quite like it when people are passionate about things that don’t work. I get that. Moron TV is such an excellent idea that you should register it as a trademark.

  2. One thing I do remember … in the end, I thought all I saw was MC Hammer … over and over again. They kept repeating. The soft porn being mentioned here, wasn’t around then.

  3. Good old rant there John! Don’t like the soft porn focus of so many music clips either. There is so much great independent music one can skip the MTV commercial bollocks and concentrate on local talent that is easy to find on YouTube, Facebook , Vimeo or even on WordPress. Seek and Ye shall find!

  4. I didn’t start to watch MTV until perhaps 1988 or so. The years that followed, were tumultuous for me — many a night without sleep — MTV (and CNN) were always there to keep me company. There are certain songs that are intimately associated with that period of my life … “No Sacrifice” with Elton John, being one. Then I stopped watching them at some point … I don’t remember exactly why, I just got fed up with seeing the same ones all the time, I think. Have never watched MTV since … I have no idea what’s going on there.

    1. I understand your thought on feelings around certain songs. To this moment there are likely a handful of songs I simply will not listen to, the pain runs too deep. It’s sad what MTV has become. The only place you can see those old gold videos is on that damned YouTube. Then Google ruined YT with the ludicrous advertising.

  5. I can remember watching pop-up-video on MTV on the weekends as a kid in the 90’s, and then The Real World, Jackass, and many other things took over. I’m glad YouTube came around for my generation so we had a way to watch music videos!

    1. That is what at least one article I read earlier today said, YouTube seems to be the last place you can actually see the old gold videos from my generation. The videos are easy to download… I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube. Remember when you could actually customize the look and feel of your channel? And more importantly, the channels were ad free! Google has almost completely ruined the website…

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