Late Night in a Photo Booth


Martian Man – just for fun (cropped version)

Well, not a real photo booth but one that exists in my iPad! This is how I felt this morning when I lost the car in the parking structure at the airport. After about ten minutes of going up and down the structure, clicking the transmitter button, I finally located the damn thing. Always remember to check your deck number when exiting the car! Post processed with iColorama…

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    1. I just cropped that shitty photo, nasty. Love your latest photos from your trip. Hope you two are well and your daughter too. And that baby!

      1. Thanks John – the Scottish Highlands are stunning. Taking my daughter and the 4 grandkids for a few days away to the seaside tomorrow. The all deserve a holiday 🙂

    1. Oh thanks!! I know the image is weird as hell but… Maybe it’ll come down now! Truth is, I don’t have any new material. Everything that was is gone by choice. Nothing of old will show here.

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