Nothing on the Toob Aye?

And with over one hundred channels? Consider all of those channels that we pay for and have no desire to use such as shopping channels or unwanted sports channels. Hell, I don’t follow ANY sports! Try to get those channels deleted, the cable company will tell you it’s part of a ‘package’. You’ll possibly have to sacrifice channels you actually want to rid yourself of those unwanted channels. Would you like to know how much my cable is per month?


Didn’t think so. Those companies have us by the gonads! I’ve read recently that due to the high cost of cable and satellite TV, people are shutting down that costly cable and it’s price that goes up and down like the damned gas prices, in favor of ‘regular TV’. Remember that? Maybe not but back then it wasn’t all digital either.

Analog Television

You get maybe five Analog television stations on either the VHF or UHF band. That’s it! Click Click! goes the channel selector. Kind of like old style rotary telephones and that sssswwiissssshhhhh tick tick tick tick sound they made. Decades before that computer in your pocket. Anyway, Americans are being priced out of things they have loved for decades.

Going Tiny?

Have you noticed those ‘tiny home’ programs on TV? People are being priced out of regular size residences or apartment living. On the other hand, I find nothing wrong with these tiny homes if your current place in life permits such a life style. I may just jump on that wagon in due time myself. So, would you give up your costly TV shows that you love for the boredom of those dreary standard broadcast frequencies? Better think about that…

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  1. Were I living on my own, I wouldn’t have a TV at all.

    The situation is the same here — probably all over the western world, it’s the same. We have hundreds of channels, still we say; “There’s NOTHING on TV”. We have Netflix, and also something called CraveTV (a Bell Canada thing).

    Those tiny homes, kind of appeal to me …

    1. I have considered living in an RV in the future. Makes good sense. No mortgage beyond a payment for the RV. No utilities, and you can get satellite systems that easily track and lock onto satellites for you today. Internet service? Use the cell system.

        1. Heat is vis a small LP gas furnace. AC is via a roof mounted or otherwise unit. Unless the manufacturer has taken care, there will be frozen pipes. I’ve seen that happen years ago, hope that the industry has overcome that issue. There is a clean water tank and a septic system which needs draining and refilling occasionally. power is via a gas or diesel generator or a land-based system. Having your own personal septic drain tank, water fill and power location would be optimal. It’s a lifestyle not suited for everyone. But the dollars and cents of it can make good sense if done correctly.

            1. I am talking about a small motorhome which is self supporting until certain things like the poo tank and fresh water tank need refilling. And the LP Gas tank. That stuff is minor, and less annoying than a mortgage.

  2. All I can say is… it’s all rubbish. We also have the same situation here. I think it is like the way you said everywhere. The media controls us!

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