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Sidebars, are they truly needed on a simple blog website? As I understand them, they are more useful for a business website. When you visit your favorite blogs on WordPress or anywhere else, do you pay any attention to the information in the sidebar? I find my sidebar a bit distracting. What are your thoughts? Would the removal of the sidebar on this site make any difference? The sidebar is kept from the rest of my pages anyway. Thanks.

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John is a native of Michigan, the Great Lakes State, he is 56 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites both self-hosted and the WP.com side. Thanks for visiting my website!

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  1. Hm, that’s a controversial topic! I admit I’m a huge sidebar lover. I want to see at all times what my options are. When there’s no sidebar on a new blog I land on, I don’t tend to bother to find my way around. This theme you’re using is very neat and clean, and I don’t think the sidebar here should bother anyone. I’m for keeping it, if you ask 😉

    1. I am asking, thanks for your opinion! The bar is a bit of a love/hate thing for me. I love super clean. white website design, the bar is more like clutter in my view. This theme can tile too but I don’t care for it that much. the sidebar can be flipped left or right. Using the left side seems off a bit.

  2. i like the hamburger menu but still not totally cold on them. My theme converts to a hamburger menu when rotated on the iPad, otherwise it’s the same as on the Mac Air. But they are indeed great for smaller devices. The sidebar seems to take away from the rest of a website sometimes.

    1. Well, Scrawl is my favourite theme, but when I had it applied, I kept getting questions about how to subscribe … the hamburger menu wasn’t enough … visible. Perhaps they should just turn it into the word MENU instead of the hamburger. I really love the Scrawl theme.

  3. I have lots of thoughts about sidebars and widgets. Most of them have to do with the subscribe button. If a new reader arrives at my site, and if they like what they see, I want them to be able to subscribe … easily. That’s the only thing.

    I do understand why designers nowadays like to tuck them away under the hamburger menu — to save precious real estate on the mobile device. But still, I think the hamburger menus aren’t conspicuous enough … people are still not used to them.

    Found a theme (in the .ORG repository), that I really liked, but it didn’t even support widgets. There, you can do a work-around, install a subscribe plugin and make a page for subscription that can be placed in the menu. But it’s a cumbersome set-up. I don’t know what they were thinking …

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