Rock Face

Trust me, this image does no justice to the actual size of this rock face located in Calico Basin, Red Rock. I’ve climbed much of this last winter, but I blew a calf muscle in my lower left leg and had to stop climbing for many weeks. That sucked it. That was the end of that but I want to gently start again this coming winter when it’s very much cooler out there.

Talking with one of my coworkers this morning, it struck me as amusing that as a native Michigander, I never want the summers to end as has been said so many times by many of my favorite bloggers here. Here in the valley, we want the summer to end because of the extreme heat day after day which is augmented if you work outdoor as I do.

Our summer nights can remain in the lower 90’s and through the 80’s all night. Not much of a break really unless you have a great Air Conditioning system like I do but rarely use it as it’s too darn costly to use. I prefer a good ceiling fan and my trusty nine inch desktop fan, keeps me frosty baby. Vegas summers will weed out the wanna-be’s!


Not Smart

Pompous Ass opinion warning. I apologize in advance to those who own one of these go-karts. I have been consistently amazed for years now that these devices were made legal to drive here in the States. Americans for decades have become used to driving cars that are built by the foot instead of by the millimeter. Euro standards seem to dictate everyone drive a very small car but perhaps not as tiny as this little death trap. I will never feel safe driving or riding in something like this. I have no interest in dying in something inspired by the “greens”. I don’t worship the Earth…