Stop!! Those two short years I lived in Canada not only taught me a tiny bit of French as well as living in a dual language society. I have my own perspectives on Canadian politics from those years but they are only partially relevant today but realistically, who gives a crap right?? In any case, this is what I sometimes see at stop signs,,,

The Sensor

Silly photo really. I snapped this image yesterday whilst waiting for the sun to drop behind the mountains for a sunset shot. But without clouds, the sunset photos just aren’t the same. This temperature sensor is from circa 2006 and has seen many very bitter Michigan winters, temperatures well below nill. Now, it swelters in my Mojave Desert heat!!

Traffic, Mountains & Palms

On the way to and from a weight loss clinic I am planning to work with starting next month, I snapped these photos with the Nikon while stopped at traffic lights. the Black & White versions are going up here sometime later today. Such a fabulous day today, it’s just slightly cooler than yesterday at 113 degrees, thank God for air conditioning!!

I got one good walk in early this morning before the temperature got to ninety degrees. Humidity is still a very mild three percent just now, it feels great being so warm yet so dry.

My apartment complex had it’s yearly indoor inspection today, so lovely of the office to give us about twenty four hours notice! But hey, my place is neat as a pin, and in perfect condition, no worries. There are over four hundred units here and several teams were working together on the project. I’d like to be a fly on the wall to hear what those teams went through with some of the units they inspected, not everyone is a ‘neat freak’ like me you know!