On Hillary’s Corruption…

I’ve been chatting back and forth with a great friend of mine back home in the heartland (Michigan) the last few days about the upcoming election. I strongly dislike politics. Four years ago I purposefully discarded all forms of news, being sickened and disgusted with watching the America I grew up in slowly slide away as does an oceanside when big storms come to shore. America the eroded, due to decades of hard left politics. Socialism in disguise I call this.

This eve, he sent me this video that is hosted on YouTube, the ever powerful beast on the internet that knows more about you than you could ever know about yourself. I find the video a hard-ass expose’ on what this woman who is trying to take over the biggest chair in the country is all about. What started tonight’s folly with my buddy is my comment on how sickened I become when simply scanning the TV channels of my local cable company, to find Klinton hard at work on these little kiddy channels. Hard at it, the brainwashing.

And the US Media in all it’s various forms are always eager to take the hand of those who willfully wish to dismantle everything that has made America the great nation it has been for 200+ years. So, you should see by now why I so dislike the American media. Truth in reporting has been tossed on the rubbish tip to promote hateful, socially destructive socialist agendas that will eventually kick our Constitution and Capitalist system to the curb. Politics suck.

Mandalay Bay

The Mandalay Bay Resort, photo taken from the east end of McCarran International, looking across Eastern Avenue. I like the way the mountains look in this image, sloping upward then peaking. Just wish the light post wasn’t in the image… Click the photo. Nikon D3300