Meatloaf Fail

My first attemp at making a meatloaf. Actually, the taste was just fine, I used a recipe from Pillsbury dot com. I think the fail was because I don’t have the correct pan shape, this glass pan doesn’t work and will be hell to get clean! My mother would laugh hard!

Got The Theme Uploads Fixed But…

I spent an hour or so online today with those lovely Happiness Engineers at, trying to figure out why I was unable to upload any themes or plugins into my overpriced Business Plan that had to be purchased to obtain more storage space. I still say it’s rather greedy on WordPress’ part to do this rather than begin offering single space upgrades again.

But that could be a serious griping rant of a post all it’s own. At the end of the Chat session, I was asked if I could wait a while and get the results from them via email which was fine. About an hour later, I received the email stating that the ability to upload plugins and themes has been restored. And it was, it all works dandy now. Thanks very much!

WordPress apparently has theme developers on staff, these people were able to figure out what the issues were which I won’t bore you with, too much tech stuff going on behind the scenes. So, it’s all set and I went on a tangent hunting for simple, white Minimal themes. I found a few on, downloaded them and activated them.

The issue I came across is that some of these themes need to have a Featured Image for each post which is not something I’ve ever done. Not sure if that’s a bad thing or not. More tech crap… So I’ve opted for themes that don’t have to have the Featured Image. I’ve not found the right theme yet in spite of all the hassle, this is apparently going to take a while to find the right theme. So the ‘old’ them is back up, maybe I should just use this one. Doesn’t this sound like lots of fun?

New Background & Colours

I’ve recently been frustrated as hell with my new WP.COM Business ‘upgrade’.  No matter how many Chats I’ve had with these ‘Happiness Engineers’, my frustration continues unabated and builds with my attempts to install a few of the downloaded themes I have attempted to install on this website. Hey, I now have absolutely unlimited video and photographic uploads. I would like the opportunity to try different themes. Your thoughts my friends? Current theme awesome?