Near Mount Potosi

Behind and beyond these cliffs, lurks Mount Potosi. At 8514 feet high, this is one of the higher mountains that surround Las Vegas Valley, the mountain has some real history. I shot these photos while parked along the four lane pass that crosses the Spring Mountains range.



Pack Out Your Poop

This sign urges horse folk to not push the horse poop out of their trailers while on this location. There were several horses present when I was parked here this morning. Apparently, the horse poop attracts unwanted vegetation? In any case, it seems rather rude to leave piles of horse poop all over the dirt parking lot. Common sense right? Oh that’s right, common sense took a permanent holiday years ago. Poopy, just poopy… Looks like the state needs to replace this sign!!


The Valley So Smoggy!!

It’s a beautiful day today here in Las Vegas with cool temperatures and abundant sunshine too. However, there’s one more thing we have plenty of too, and it sticks around more so in these winter months… Cold air sinks, hot air rises. I’ll be taking a drive to Pahrump and/or Hoover Dam tomorrow. Stay around, more to come.